Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Saving Big with Coupons! Classes now forming!

I'm happy to announce I'm now offering Coupon Classes! I'm getting ready to host my first one weekend after next. I'll post details about date and time soon. If you're interested in having a coupon class for a group of your family and friends, church group or other organization, please contact me to set up a date and time. Are you asking yourself "what in the world is a coupon class and what do you do at a coupon class"?

At a Saving Big with Coupons Class you'll learn:
*Coupon Facts
*Coupon Lingo- The Language of "Couponing"
*Coupon Policies and Coupon Etiquette
*Where To Find Coupons
*Organizing Your Coupons
*Wal-Greens and CVS 101
*How Wal-Greens and CVS Deals Look On Blogs
*Rite-Aid 101

There is a $10 charge for the class and it lasts about 2 hrs. You will receive a 15 page packet with a wealth of information for you to keep. I will also be giving away prizes based on the number of people attending. If you host a coupon class at your church I will make a donation to your church. Light snacks and drinks are not required but it's fine if you'd like to have them at your class. I will have them at mine. :)

*Once you've learned the basics about couponing you'll save the $10 you paid for the class in your 1st trip to the grocery store using coupons!

Thank you,

*Disclaimer- I am in no way a professional or an expert. I have simply gathered information I have been allowed to gather and share with you. Everything that is in my packet and that we will talk about in the class is true and accurate to the very best of my knowledge. My information was gathered from personal experiences as well as online and from fellow couponing friends. This class is meant to give you a starting point and to help you understand the basics of couponing. To my knowledge, each website that I listed in my packet is up and running. If, for some reason, they are not working when you visit them, I apologize in advance. All coupon policies I have shared are subject to change without notice.

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