Friday, April 16, 2010

Best deal of the week! Sox :)

This is Sox, my new doggie. :) He's a 2 year old lhaso apso. He was given to me by our Pastor and his wife. Traci ran into Pastor Brad and he told her about needing to find a home for Sox and she knew how much I love this type of dog. One thing led to another... :) He's house trained, yard trained and is so sweet and good with our kids. He also loves to ride in the car. :)

Coffee Cups @ Family Dollar $1.00 each

I love these coffee cups! $1.00 each at Family Dollar! They make perfect gifts for just about anyone and a great addition to gift bags or baskets.

Walgreens Trip 4/16

Walgreens (sorry, no pic)
Conair Paddle Brush (no coupon, but one of my daughters needed a new brush!) $5.99
Glade Candle 2/$5.00
Spray'n'Wash $3.99
2 Ban Deodorants @ $3.99 each- $7.98
Carefree Pantyliners $1.49 (FREE)

Total Retail: $24.45
After Coupons I paid: $12.32! (Both Ban deodorants were $0.24 each!)

CVS Trip- 2nd Transaction 4/16

2nd Transaction

Using the ECB's from my 1st transaction, I purchased BOTH of these for $1.35! Total retail was 2/$5.00.

CVS Trip- 1st Transaction 4/16

1st Transaction

Three 2 liter Diet Cokes $4.00
Two Diet 7-Ups @ $1.59 each $3.18 (paid $0.59 each)
Two packs of Trident gum (3 in each pack) $3.00
Papertowel $1.29 (paid $0.29 for!)
Hand Lotion $0.99 (FREE)
Two Toothbrushes @ $0.99 each $1.98 (BOTH WERE FREE)

Total Retail: $14.44
Total After Coupons and ECB's: $7.09!

Target Deals 4/16

Pine Sol $2.49
Pine Sol $2.49
Vaseline Lotion w/ Free Sample Tube $4.99
Dial Hand Soaps (6 @ $1.49 each) $8.94

Total Retail: $18.91
After Coupons I paid: $6.99!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Clips for $1.00!

Find clips and other items you'll need for your organizing needs at The Dollar Tree!

10 Baseball Card Holders for $1.00!

If you're planning to create a "binder system" for organizing your coupons, you'll want to check out The Dollar Tree! They have a lot of baseball cards right now and right next to them you should find 9 pocket baseball card holders (plastic sheets), which are perfect for holding your coupons. Packs of TEN are $1.00! Every other place we've checked or purchased them at have been $5.00 and up for 30-35. At The Dollar Tree you can get 50 for $5.00! Don't miss this great deal! *Packs of 8 & 10 dividers are $1.00. We purchased our dividers at Wal-Mart for 0.98 each. Those extra few cents you pay at The Dollar Tree will save you gas!

A Coupon Organizer that looks like a Designer Tote!

This is so creative and pretty, you just have to see it! Get one for yourself as well as one for a friend, they make great gifts!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kool-Aid FunFizz 0.99 cents!

Kool-Aid fun fizz is really cool! Right now they're $1.99 for a pack of 8 at Publix. Use $1.00 coupon (from newspaper insert). Pay 0.99 cents!

FREE Wendy's Jr. Frosty!

Donate $1, which goes to charity, and get a key tag for a FREE Jr. Frosty until 12/21/10. We're not sure all Wendy's are participating (so please check ahead), but the following states have been confirmed: AZ, GA, VA, MD, PA, IL. Let us know if you're state is participating or if any stores within the states listed aren't.

Thanks so much, !

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Coupon Sorting Method

Having chosen to file our coupons in so many different catagories, we use this very simple way of sorting. Cut all your coupons, make a pile, then sort according to your catagories. We cut ALL coupons from the newspaper and using a shoebox, store any coupons we don't normally use. We either pass this onto family and friends or wait until we see an extremely good deal and refer back to the box. We try very hard to stay up on our cutting and sorting so that we don't miss any good deals because we can't find the coupon!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Heinz 57 Printable Coupon

Sign up at to print your coupon.

FREE Starbucks Coffee on Thursday April 15th!

On April 15th, bring a Reusable Coffee Mug into your local Starbucks and get a FREE brewed coffee!

Spray'n'Wash & Resolve Coupons

Sign up at to print out coupons for Spray'n'Wash and Resolve.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Coupon Workshops- One near you!

Extreme Couponing! Check to see if there is a Coupon Workshop near you!

Thank You Southern Savers! I'm looking forward to attending my very first Coupon Workshop next weekend with a group of friends!
Shannon, Thrifty GA Mom

Some Of Our Favorites :)