Monday, February 28, 2011

K-Mart Double Coupon Trip

I went to K-Mart to get my double coupon deals and did just okay. I planned two transactions, the first one went well with no problems but my second one was just under $25.00 total before tax and my coupons wouldn't scan double. Long story short, I was told the new double coupon rules are you must have $25 or more in GROCERY items. My second transaction was just under $25 but not grocery. But then again my first transaction (pic below) wasn't all "grocery" either. I just left it at that and didn't worry about the second transaction, I was just ready to go home.

Pictured @ retail & sale prices:
(2) Doritos b1g1 for $3.99 x 2 (the free one came off at the end)
(2) Smart Sense brand Tussin cough medicine $4.39, B1G1 1/2 off ($2.20)
Secret deodorant $2.50
Satin Care Shave Gel $2.99
Crest toothpaste w/ free Scope toothpaste sample $3.19
Oral B toothbrush $2.99
Total w/tax before double coupons: $28.34
Total paid out of pocket after sales & double coupons: $17.80
Total saved: $10.54
So, all in all, I did okay and purchased items that we needed and can use.

K-Mart Double Coupon Week

This week starting 02.27 K-Mart is doing DOUBLE COUPONS again! They will double all coupons up to $2.00! The catch is they only take 5 coupons per transaction.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm baaaaccckkk!!!

I lost my log-in information to this blog and finally remembered it! I'm so excited! I'll be posting more couponing stuff very soon! :)

Some Of Our Favorites :)